Palermo: The Mediterranean Heart

Thème : Art, Balade, Culinaire, Religieux, Insolite, Enfants

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    Teatro Massimo

  • Palermo, PA, Italia

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Enjoy a 3-hour guided tour of Palermo on an itinerary especially designed for small groups, no lines, no hurry. Be involved in learning the history of the iconic monuments of The most famous city in Sicily, Palermo,  through interesting stories, treasures and masterpieces.


  • Art
  • Balade
  • Culinaire
  • Religieux
  • Insolite
  • Enfants

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Explore the iconic Palace of Norman Palermo on a guided tour especially designed for small groups.

Meet your guide near the Temple of Apollo to discover the liberty squares of Politeama and the Massimo Theatre, to learn Arab-Norman history through architecture, religious rites. The glory of old Palermo is sung by its admirers. Reflecting the historical ongoing of the island, Palermo has absorbed each epoch, culture, fashion, architectural design and various languages, as well. The memory of Palermo as the Mediterranean capital is sung with its Palatine Chapel, the Cathedral of Saint Rosalie, its gorgeous fountains and the Baroque architecture, Serpotta’s inspiration enchanting Palermo's glory. 

As you get close to the Cathedral, you will be attracted by its divine beauty: the medieval facade is a gradual transformation from gothic into the Brilliant Barocco Church, though the Arab-Norman mosaic are still to ornament the walls of the Norman construction. Get to know all architectural styles presented there; try to imagine what secrets and treasures it hides. 

Enjoy amazing stories of the Old Palermo and walk through the secret paths of the GodFather!

The tour can accommodate children of all ages, you guide will involve both parents and children to introduce you to the greatest medieval civilization of Europe!


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