Catania: The Black Daughter of Mont Etna

Thème : Art, Culinaire, Nature, Vins/Spiritueux

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  • Catania, CT, Italia

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    Palazzo Biscari

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    Giardino Bellini

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    Aci Castello

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    Benedictine Monastery of St. Nicholas Arena

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    Palazzo degli Elefanti

  • Catania, CT, Italia

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Enjoy a 3-hour guided tour of Catania on an itinerary especially designed for small groups, no lines, no hurry. Be involved in learning the history of the iconic monuments of The most famous city in Sicily, Palermo,  through interesting stories, treasures and masterpieces.


  • Art
  • Culinaire
  • Nature
  • Vins/Spiritueux

Informations complémentaires

A visit to Catania is a most fascinating act of self discovery, back down the old ways of time… the real enigma of this place is that it has been inhabited for 3000 years at the foot of Etna, despite earthquakes, eruptions, disasters, calamities and destructions. To live so close to the most active volcano in Europe is an expression of change and transformation, suggesting the process of self-renewal leading to fulfillment. Thus, Catania appears “flourishing from the rock in a mysterious arrogance”, carrying the knowledge of the past, the burden of mystery and preserving its brilliant smile. The historical centre is surrounded by legends, whether it’s the Elephant Fountain, or The Cathedral with its venerable patroness Saint Agatha, or still owned by a Sicilian aristocratic family The Biscari Palace, or the Roman Spa, Greek artefacts dating back to the 7th century BC with a clear evidence from the prehistoric times or the monumental Benedictine Monastery of Saint Nicolò, where the acropolis of the ancient city stood. Each stone has its history, long, profound, suffering and glorious at the same time. The locals are like the volcano itself: creative, friendly, openhearted, libertine but admirable, just to drop a few names: Vincenzo Bellini, Giovanni Verga, Cardinal Dusmet. You face them visiting the historical bazaar where they recite their roles in a perfection of a theatrical performance. The most genuine example of working-class life in Catania is not only to visit but to taste as well with a great offer: “cannoli”, the tubes of crunchy deep-fried pastry filled with sweetened cottage cheese and flavored with candied fruit and chocolate drops. The atmosphere of Catania makes you pray more than a saint would pray, and sin more than an ideal sinner would commit.


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