Thème : Monuments, Culinaire, Insolite, Nocture, Décalage horaire, Histoire, Culture/Traditions

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City tour, Sugar Loaf, Christ statue, Copacabana, Maracanã, etc. ... your choices.

As my tours are charged for by the hour, you may compose the tour in accordance with your desires, available time, and budget, of course counting with my expert suggestions.

For a complete view of Rio, including visits to both the famous 'hills', one would need 8 hours.

Yet, dividing it all into two 5-hour tours - if your time of stay permits - is much less stressful.

Or - if your time is too short for any of the above - a half-day (5 hrs) tour would allow but for one of the landmarks and a near all-comprising city-tour.

The quote is for a 5-hr tour. For the 8-hr tour please add 75%.

Carnival visitors, cruise ship passengers, business-people, families are also attended


  • Monuments
  • Culinaire
  • Insolite
  • Nocture
  • Décalage horaire
  • Histoire
  • Culture/Traditions

Informations complémentaires

The mayor of Rio recently determined that purchases for tickets for the Corcovado train (Christ statue) be made on-line in advance, so as to avoid huge line-ups, which had disturbed local residents. It may appear a hassle at first, but believe me, it's a pleasure to be able to avoid those huge high-season (Nov.-Apr.) line-ups.
The client must make the purchases on-line, because only he/she will be allowed to pick up the tickets on site [IMPORTANT: Keep the voucher(s) and reservation code(s) in a safe place, and be sure to bring the credit-card(s) you used]
For Full day (8-hr) tours a 4-hour interval is needed, since each of the visits take around 2 ¹/2 hours, and there's still the drive to the next "hill" to consider.
On-site purchases are EXTREMELY risky, specially in high-season, and hardly any guide/agent will take on such, nowadays.
Agents and/or guides receive a yearly quotum (which I by then surely will have exasperated), so as to avoid illegal middle-men dealings.
Look up:
1.} Bondinho do Pão de Açucar (best 08:00h)
2.} Trem do Corcovado (best 12:20h)
3.} aybloc

Consult with me if you have problems.


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Visite guidée pour les enfants
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