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  • Ponte Mammolo, Roma, RM, Italia

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  • Piazza di Ponte Sant'Angelo, Roma, RM, Italia

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Ponte Mammolo / Rebibbia

Pasolini's first home on the eastern outskirts of Rome, near the prison, where he lived from 1951 to '53 at first only with his mother Susanna Colussi, and soon they were joined by his father, Col. Charles Albert, an infantry officer. In this extreme outskirts of Rome he paid 13,000 liras of rent. The house was bought by the city of Rome since 2003 and there was established the "International House of Poetry".

Nearby is the small square where it was affixed a marble plaque in memory of Pasolini where you can read his verses from the poem "Tears of the Digger."



Popular neighborhood in fairly central location where the writer-director turned most of his first film “Accattone” (Tramp) and where is still the bar which was the meeting place of "ragazzi di vita” (hustlers) in the movie and in real life, attended also by Pasolini himself. This has increased the sense of pride of the population.


Piazza Costaguti / Piazza Mattei

Place between the Tiber and the Jewish ghetto in which it Pasolini lived just arrived in Rome, in a room given to him by his uncle for rent. These are two places only a few meters from each other and a short walk from the Tiber and Trastevere, they are places frequented by "hustlers", small bullies with shameless wishes, who live of petty theft, during their night raids and in dayrtime on the banks by the river. Far away from the bourgeois and religious Rome of the jubilee of Pius XII, the time of Pasolini.

In the little Piazza Mattei is the famous Fountain of the Turtles much loved by Pasolini and place setting for the 1959 film, the director Mauro Bolognini's "La Notte Brava", of which Pasolini was a screenwriter.


Restaurant Biondo Tevere

Historical typical Roman restaurant where Pasolini had dinner for the last time in company of Pino Pelosi, the boy who was later condemned as his murderess.

The restaurant is still in business and you can go for lunch or dinner to enjoy excellent dishes of the Roman cuisine for a modest price.



Place that writer-filmmaker attended to gather information on youth, a source of inspiration for him for writing scripts for movies and magazine articles. Here also has a setting for some of his first novel "hustlers" and here he met the brothers Franco and Sergio Citti who taught him the Roman dialect and collaborated with him in his work as a filmmaker. Here he decided to move into his second residence in the 1954 and then the third in 1959..


Ponte Sant'Angelo

Beautiful pedestrian bridge over the Tiber river of great artistic and historical importance, used by Pasolini as the setting for part of the film “Accattone” (Tramp) and especially the scene of the dip of Vittorio (Tramp) in the river as an act of courage.


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