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Kathmandu, Nepal
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Namaste! My name is Hari Khadka from Nepal. I am a nature lover and outdoor person It is a great pleasure introducing myself as your trekking tour guide in Nepal. Working for many years with a trekking company I have learned so much about what visitors to my country are interested in and have learned how to fulfill their dreams of the ideal Nepal adventure vacation. I love being with foreign travelers and helping them to discover places and activities they could never find by themselves. Whether a visitor is interested in our rich culture or just wants to enjoy our fun Nepali life, I love to help them discover everything about our country. I have been doing this for last 10 years. I have been enjoying doing this kind of activities with people from the different part of the world. I am enjoying it so much. Every time when I am in the mountain I am so mesmerized with the mountain and nature. If any of you guys out there have interest with Nepal tourism activities like trekking, mountaineering, tour, rafting, hiking, jungle safari and exploring the country, I will be very delighted to bring you those places that will be your lifetime travel experience. See you in Nepal


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